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Testimonials for Natural Face Lift Massage

Being 64 I was rather sceptical of the whole idea, thinking it wouldn't work for me but what a surprise I was in for, after just one treatment my face felt firmer and my skin looked fresher. After my 6th treatment I could see a massive difference in my face, and this was proved by the photograph that was taken for me before we started. My jaw line was firmer, my face was much slimmer, my eyes looked bigger and brighter and my skin had a youthful glow. I also had a lot more energy and felt really good. But the best part of all was the comments I received from other people, only last week a friend I hadn't seen for a while said, 'my goodness you do look well!' I have no hesitation in recommending this treatment, whatever your age. Eileen from Sturminster Newton

The face Lift Massage is a wonderful relaxing treatment with fantastically surprising results. My face felt much firmer and some of my deeper lines where much less noticeable and smoothed out. Nicola has a very good gentle technique and I have become a big fan of this natural face lift massage and will continue to have treatments along with my shiatsu and back massage I also have with her. I highly recommend this treatment it is so much better to have natural therapies. Miranda, Stourpaine

I wasn't sure what to expect from the Natural Face Lift Massage. I do not have too many wrinkles but I have noticed my face has somehow aged. The treatments were so relaxing, that I decided they were worth it just for the stress relief. I was surprised and pleased to notice a difference after just one treatment. My skin looked healthier and there was more definition in my cheek bones. After a course of six treatments there was a marked difference to the contours of my face. My face felt firmer and generally the skin had a healthy glow to it. Another great effect for me was the general 'feel-good' factor the massages gave me. Annette, Corfe Mullen

The natural Face lift massage is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Will definitely continue to have a regular treatment as I can see a real improvement in my face. A day doesn't go by without someone saying, 'You're looking really well'. Nicola is very informative and really helps you to relax. Jackie, Wimborne

Shiatsu Testimonials

"I have been visiting Nicola at 'Simply Shiatsu' for over five years and have recommended the treatment received to many work colleagues and friends as it really made a difference."

"I used to suffer from a bad back pain brought on by a stressful job and my pelvis and hip being out of place following a car accident. I had tried all the usual forms of manipulation but found the unique combination of sports massage and Nicola's Shiatsu treatment worked. 'Simply Shiatsu' relaxes you, boosts your well being and at the same time corrects any physical imbalances. I now only need to visit Nicola for an 'MOT-check up' or when I feel I need a de-stress!" Andrew W, Poole

"Having regular treatments with Nicola has definitely been of benefit and made me appreciate my weekly 45 minutes of 'me time'. Not only does my treatment leave me deeply relaxed but it energises me for the rest of the week, my sleep has improved, my energy levels are more constant and my tight stressed shoulders are considerably more relaxed."

"Shiatsu is a great therapy - go on treat yourself and improve your life." Steve P, Sturminster Marshall

"I was suffering with misalignment of the spine and hips, triggering some rather unpleasant sensations that caused me to become very tense and stressed. I found both the manipulation and Shiatsu treatments extremely helpful. Consequently, I maintain regular visits to Nicola for 'tweaking' and Shiatsu treatments. The treatments are relaxing and de-stressing to the point that you can go in feeling tense and irritable and come out walking on air with not a care in the world. Fantastic!" Katherine W, Poole

"I have been receiving shiatsu treatments and holistic massage from Nicola for the last 4 years and have been very impressed with my experience. It has helped me no end with my day to day life. I have always been impressed with Nicola's level of knowledge and I no longer suffer from neck pain and tension headaches."

"Nicola always has a professional but relaxed atmosphere in her treatment room and as a beauty therapist myself I always highly recommend her to people who are looking to improve their posture, relax or find an alternative way to help relieve a condition they may be suffering from." Miranda D, Stourpaine

"I've had treatment for several conditions and have always benefited greatly. I very strongly recommend it to anyone who is suffering and in need of pain relief." Gerry B - Sturminster Newton

"Thank you Nicola for the Shiatsu sessions you gave me while I was going through an extremely difficult and stressful period of my life. Your treatments were not only deeply relaxing, but left me feeling grounded, centred and calm. Your treatments helped me find my core strength to guide me through those tough days." Julie B - Dorchester

"After my first ever Shiatsu treatment, I had much more energy, felt happier and more alive, when I went to bed I could sleep, bliss. I recommend Shiatsu to everyone. Give it a go." Eileen B - Sturminster Newton

"I have known and been treated by Nicola over a period of several years, and have never failed to benefit from her skill and expertise. Always friendly, always professional, Nicola has a caring, empathetic manner. I have never had any hesitation in recommending her to my friends." Theresa P - Shillingstone

"My Shiatsu treatment has worked wonders for me. I have suffered with an on-going joint issue for several years and Shiatsu alleviates my discomfort. It also allows me to be active again. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with joint issues. I also always leave feeling ten times more relaxed." Freya J - Sturminster Newton